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Fostering technical and vocational skills development and promoting youth entrepreneurship in priority sectors is a key objective of the Maldives: Enhancing Employability and Resilience of Youth (MEERY) project. Financed by the World Bank, MEERY project is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Economic Development.

MEERY project’s “Pitch-up: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge”, is a business pitch competition open to all Maldivian young men and women, designed with a goal in mind: to promote entrepreneurship among Maldivian youth.

“Pitch-Up: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge”, invites Maldivian youth to submit innovative, feasible and sustainable entrepreneurship ideas as solutions to local and global problems.

The competition aims to foster a culture of informed risk taking through innovation and entrepreneurship, and inculcate valuable skills essential to run a successful start-up.

Applicants whose ideas get shortlisted will be invited to complete a boot camp training where they will work with industry experts to learn essential entrepreneurship management skills and on developing their business ideas into full-fledged business plans.

Winners of the competition are eligible to receive financial grant assistance between MVR 150,000 to MVR 600,000.

The competition welcomes innovative entrepreneurship ideas that is aligned with the MEERY project objective and respond to government COVID-19 response priorities.

The Pitch-up competition welcomes proposals in the fields of
Information and Communication Technologies
Tourism Related Construction
When is the competition?

The competition was launched on 05 April 2021 and is open for applications until 31st May 2021.

Who can apply?

Youth between 18 and 35 years of age (the applicant must meet the age category requirement by the date of competition launch).

Registration Process
Register Now

1. Register and Verify

Register and receive an email to verify your account.

Once account verified, proceed to login using your registered credentials.

2. Create Profile

Once logged in user would be asked to create the user profile .

Information Required to create the profile.

  • - NID and Name
  • - ID Card Copy
  • - Address

3. Create and Submit User Project Idea

User will be able to create a project with the user idea.

Information Required to create the project.

  • - Proposed Idea
  • - Nature of the Proposed Business
  • - Problem the business solves in the Maldives
  • - Need for Funding and how funding will be used
  • - Funding Required
  • - Estimated Timeline
  • - Project Category
  • - Team Members
Application Process

Applicants are required to submit their proposals via the Pitch-Up Portal: https://meeryproject.mohe.gov.mv/pitch-competition

Stage 1: Idea Submission

Applicants are invited to submit their ideas via MEERY’s Pitch-Up Portal. Individuals and teams whose ideas get shortlisted will be invited to complete a boot camp training focused on entrepreneurial skill development. Here they will also learn how to develop their ideas into a detailed business proposal.

Stage 2: Proposal Submission

Candidates who successfully complete the boot camp will be eligible to submit their detailed business proposals.

Stage 3: Business Pitch

Applicants who submit the best proposals will be shortlisted and invited to virtually pitch their business proposal to a Judging Panel. This will be followed by an interview with the Judges, who then make the final decisions on winners of the competition.

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