What we do

MEERY “Maldives: Enhancing Employability and Resilience of Youth” is determined to address some of the major challenges faced by the youth of the country, by refining the response to vocational education and training; enhance the soft skill development and entrepreneurship mindset change and thereby address mismatch between the skill gap and the requirements of the industry. This is to ensuring the youth have the best possible chance of succeeding in the field of work. MEERY Project is a 5-year project with the total cost of US$ 20 million. The Project is based on 3 major components designed to cater the needs of employers


To build a nation where youth are resilient, skilled and self-sufficient.


The MEERY project mission is to improve the relevance of technical, vocational education and training; and foster entrepreneurship development to promote youth employment in sectors with tremendous growth and opportunity for the youth of the country.

Promoting entrepreneurship and employment
Fostering technical and vocational skills development and eLearning Strategy
Specific actions to address gender gaps to empower women
Project Team

State Minister, Khadeeja Adam

Project Director

Ali Shareef

Project Manager

Aishath Zifany

Project Coordinator

Aishath Rizna Rashid

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Aishath Uraiba Asif

Senior Social Safeguard Specialist

Afaaf Mohamed Saeed

Senior Procurement Specialist

Ahmed Zain Nazim

Financial Management Specialist

Mohamed Manaan Ahmed

Procurement Specialist

Alma Abdul Rashyd

Communications Specialist

Mohamed Shiyaz

Senior Financial Officer

MEERY project

by Ministry of Higher Education